About Magic Bean

Magic Bean is the creative partnership of Kathy Sinclair and Leon Calero, a dynamic duo who met on their first day of University (Bachelor of Design). Based in Melbourne, Australia, they have been taking on a diverse range of projects from various creative facets since 2005.

As a multidisciplinary creative studio, Magic Bean offers a diverse range of products and services for businesses, organisations and individuals; from corporate promotion and web design to community art projects and non-profit initiatives, from tuition and technical consultation to handcrafted treasures.

As a team, Kathy and Leon they are dedicated to ensuring the best outcome for each client or customer and do so by fostering close relationships based on empathy and understanding.

Leon’s forte is technical production, consultation and problem solving. With extensive experience in conducting classes in creative software and Mac basics while working for Apple, along with his popular private tuition sessions, Leon is a fervent teacher. With a passion for music, Leon revels in any opportunity to forge his song writing and sound engineering skills with the design and communication process. He has a unique creative flair that gives Magic Bean’s projects a distinctive edge.

Kathy’s strengths lie in idea generation and lateral thinking; she delights in pushing boundaries to find innovative solutions to any communication problem. A keen crafter, Kathy creates all the pieces offered through Magic Bean Handmade, harnessing her flair for colour and style. With a background in business and a passion for sharing beautiful things, she has aspirations to expand Magic Bean’s offerings to include handpicked treasures. Kathy’s skills and interests branch into various creative disciplines including writing, fashion and food.

Together, Kathy and Leon are inspired by the past, present and future. With a penchant for all things vintage, they delight in collecting curio and learn lessons through art that has been and people who have made an impact. They live for now, giving in to spontaneity when an exciting opportunity presents itself. They relish looking to the future, casting ‘what ifs’ out into the ether and forecasting upcoming trends.

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