Handmade: Gift Guide for Valentine's Day

Leo and I are aren't particularly big on the commercial hoo-ha of V. Day. We do however like an excuse to get a bit smoochy and remind each other how awesome the other one is. So, we've gathered up a few handmade bits and pieces to express your feelings to a loved one, anytime.

Kiln fired, pure white porcelain clay gift-cards and bowls, $18.00 (set of 6)/$16.00 US, from Etsy seller Paloma's Nest
Printed illustrative greeting cards, $4.00 US, from Etsy seller Making Strangers
Hand-drawn prints, $20.00 US (left) and $16.00 (right), from Etsy seller Dazey Chic
Cute illustrated greeting cards, $8.00 US (set of 4), from Etsy seller Wooke
Letterpressed gift-cards, $3.50 US, from Etsy seller Pistachio Press
Vintage Collage Sheets, $3.50 US, from Etsy seller Candy Connection 22

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Frankie said...

There is some awesome handmade stuff out there. Love your blog, it's become a regular read for me!

- Frankie